Monday, July 29, 2013

Josie Montage - RIP

In addition to my re-affirmation of Hodgkins, a trip to the vet revealed that the diabetes had finally caught up with Josie. She was suffering from total renal failure along with a host of other issues resulting from that and did not have long to live so we had to put her down. Great week. We're all going to miss Josie/Frankencat/Metaball/MeowTseTung, especially Migsy.

Immovable object
Ambush in waiting

Eventually mutual peace was established

The Wedding Miracle (by Sean)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sustina River Packraft: Curry to Talkeetna

We bought a one-way ticket on the train from Talkeetna to the "town" of Curry (just $20!) with the intention of busting out our packrafts and floating/paddling back to Talkeetna, about 25 miles on the river. It was a beautiful Alaskan summer day (yes it finally arrived) and we took our time heading back. The river was flowing fast but it was still Class I all the way. About a 45 minute train ride and a 5-hour float back. It went pretty fast at first but that last several miles near the confluence of the Chulitna river were a bit slow. There was another group of packrafters on the train with us but they were hiking over the ridge to float back on Clear Creek. We'll hit that one too of these days.

Saying goodbye to the train

Julie easing into things

Yeah, it was that kind of float

Cruisin' in the sun

Snack break

Great views of Denali the whole way

More Denali

Totally different trip. Family of bears on Fort Rich

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Monkees in Kauai

Julie and I went to Kauai for a week in mid-May to celebrate a "pre-Honeymoon" as well as the successful completion of my chemo treatment to remove all traces of cancer. We spent six days exploring the trails and beaches of Kauai and these are a small portion of our photos. Unfortunately, Julie hasn't had a chance to work her touch-up magic on them yet but I gotta post them while I've got the momentum. We covered quite a bit of island in those 6 days but still left a few adventures for future trips.

Day 1- AM: "Sleeping Giant" Hike - A 4-5 mile round trip hike from just outside the town of Kapaa.
Julie approaching the summit.
Julie in the "eye" of the giant
Day 1-PM: Hike to and swam in the Ho'po'i Falls:

 Swimming beneath the first set of falls - bottomless pool
Second set of falls - not enough water for dramatic falls but rope swing at bottom
Monkee swinging from a rope
Day 2 - Secret Beach and Lava Pools

Small sea cave at end of beach

Lava Pools - swimable under ideal conditions but sea was too rough
Day 3 - Nualolo-Awaawhapuhi Loop Hike out to the Napali cliffs (in the rain) and Waimea Canyon (thru the clouds)
Mud luge
Nualolo Valley
Lolo vista at end of Nualolo trail
Oops, never was good at following directions

Lolo Vista over Nualolo Valley

Unsuccessfully hiding from the rain
"Fancy" rooster - they were everywhere
Wild (?) goat encounter - much less stressful than moose)
 Day 4 - Relax with some snorkeling at Tunnels Beach
Attempting to catch dinner the hard way
Rainbow over Hanalei Bay on way home
Day 5 - Napali Coast: Kalalau Trail to Hanakapi'ai Falls Trail The Hanakapi'ai Falls Trail is possibly my new favorite trail due to the overwhelming abundance of perfect swimming holes.
Looking back at Hanea Beach from top of first climb
Napali Cliffs
One of the many stands of huge bamboo along the Hanakapi'ai Falls trail
Hanging out behind Hanakapi'ai Falls
One of the many sweet swimming holes along the trail
Jacuzzi Garcia-style
Takin' 'er easy, Mom

Forced it. I didn't quite lose enough in my butt for that to be a slide
My own personal infinity pool
Day 6 - Zip-line Safari tour, it's really all about the video
Family Rule: all Garcia's must swing from rope
Julie on the first zip-line
Day 7 - Explored a few more beaches before heading to the airport, including one we had entirely to ourselves for much of the time we were on it that made us REALLY not want to leave.
Our Beach
One of the very few under water shots where the color came out
Leaving Our Beach, so sad
...and here's the video from the second zip-line which we did in tandem.